In this project, the assignment was to create a small guest house for a residence designed by a 20th century architect. I chose the Gropius Residence in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Walter Gropius was the founder of the Bauhaus School in Germany, whose work led to the development of the international style. At the time of its construction in 1937-38, this house was unlike anything else in the region. Interestingly, despite the stark contrast between the modern architecture and the local environment, Gropius still borrowed regional materials and building techniques (for instance, the painted wood facade).


The guest house- like the original Gropius residence, is designed to be practical and efficient; a very open plan with little dedicated circulation space. Features borrowed from the original include the sloped canopy over the approach, the long horizontal windows on the front Facade, and the use of similar materials. I even included a back porch, similar to the upper level sun porch in the house.

Because the guest house is a private space, I placed it so one must exit the residence through the back porch and walk along the side to enter. Thus, when you leave the driveway and approach the front entrance, you can see the guest house peeking out from behind the main residence. This keeps it inaccessible, yet its location still gives it a prominent presence in the landscape. The guest house is also aligned with the front entrance of the residence so the facade is perpendicular to the entry walkway and driveway.